Snivel’s Kickstarter Campaign Is Hours Away from Its End!

But as one opportunity ends, another begins!

The Kickstarter was an amazing learning experience, and I met so many wonderful people because of it.


When the Kickstarter campaign closes at Midnight tonight as a “failure” it will be like it never happened. No money will be taken, no rewards sent.

But I want to see Shivering Snivels come to life?!

Have no fear. The campaign has moved to

This crowd-funding site has no goal restriction, no deadline, and no waiting! As I raise money, I will be able to pull the funds when I have them and immediately put them towards the on-going development of the book.

There are no set rewards, but once you donate you will become a member of The Shadow Backers.

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo

As part of the exclusive mailing list you will receive news, sneak peaks, E-Books, and will be automatically entered for the chance to win Hardcover copies of the book and more!

Become a part of The shadow backers by donating here: HTTP://WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/SHIVERINGSNIVLES


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